Why rules are important

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Why rules are important

Consequences can be both positive and negative. Positive and Negative Consequences Positive consequences show your child she has done something you like.

Your child is more likely to repeat the behavior when you use positive consequences. Positive consequences include things like rewards, praise, and attention. Use positive consequences as much as possible for behaviors you would like your child to do again. Click here for more information on rewarding, praise, and attention.

Negative consequences let your child know you do not like what she has done. Your child is less likely to repeat the behavior when you use negative consequences.

Negative consequences are also called discipline. Negative consequences include things like ignoring, distraction, loss of a privilege, and time-out. Use negative consequences for behaviors you would like your child to stop. Natural consequences, delay or removal of privileges, and time-out can be used to stop misbehavior.

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More information about these consequences is provided below. Ignoring Children sometimes throw tantrums, whine, and interrupt just to get your attention. When you take away your attention from your child and these misbehaviors, the behaviors often stop. When ignoring, do not make eye contact with your child or talk to him.

Ignore anything your child does to get your attention.

Why rules are important

Click here to learn more about when and how to ignore. Distraction When you distract your child, you get him to focus on something else.

Why rules are important

By doing this, he stops the misbehavior. You can use distraction anywhere. You just have to be prepared.Why Safety Is Important in the Workplace. Companies that employ workers have an interest in keeping the workplace safe. Job-related injuries are something that responsible employers avoid.

They take the time and use company resources to make sure that the people who come to work each day are safe. Rules may occasionally seem unimportant or useless, but it's important to obey the rules even if you feel they're unnecessary. Even if you think no one notices or appreciates your good behavior, rest assured your instructors do notice when you follow the rules and they appreciate it.

Every country has its own road safety rules and regulations for the best interests of citizens. Road safety rules in India are designed as per the best interests of citizens.

As a citizen, you have certain important roles and responsibilities. Lesson1.&Rules:&The&Importance&ofRulesinOurCountry andinOurClassroom& FOUNDATIONS&UNIT& 4 Rule&Analysis& ’ These’are.

Take time to explain to your child why rules are important. Parents sometimes slack off on applying the rules when they're tired or busy. However, enforcing rules . Beth Williams is a graduate of Otterbein College with a degree in Broadcast Communications and minors in Journalism Writing, Public Relations and Speech Communication.

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