Wanchik writing aid

The stroke caused her to develop aphasia, which largely ruined her ability to read and to write at all. But she woke up that morning in not feeling quite right. She had a thought that she might have had a stroke, and she did a video conference with a friend in Rome to see if her friend thought she looked normal. Her friend said that she looked ok.

Wanchik writing aid

The body includes an inclined channel for receiving a writing instrument, such as a pen or pencil, and a securing element to releasably secure the writing instrument at an inclined angle in the channel.

The channel is disposed on the body such that the thumb and index finger of the user lie on opposite sides of the channel during writing in manner that generally resembles the natural gripping of a pen or pencil between the thumb and index finger of an able-bodied person to impart a more natural feeling of writing control.

Description This application claims benefits and priority of provisional application Ser. The device has been frustrating to use in that the user requires assistance to secure the device to the user's hand, in that the device can shift in position or fall off of the user's hand and may require additional attachment of a rubber band in order to stabilize the writing instrument, in that the device may be difficult to adjust to different writing instruments, and in that the device may require assistance of another person to adjusted to different user demands.

In an illustrative embodiment of the present invention, the writing assist device comprises a body having an exterior surface preferably with a convex contour on which the user's hand or portion thereof is received during writing in a natural writing posture during writing and a base adapted to easily slide on a writing surface.

A friction-promoting element preferably is disposed in the channel across from the securing element and against which the writing instrument is secured so as to prevent slipping of the writing instrument during use.

The hand-receiving body optionally can include first and second inclined channels symmetrically disposed on the body in wanchik writing aid to permit use of the device by right-handed or a left-handed user. A removable, stretchable cover can be placed on the exterior surface of the hand-receiving body for the comfort of the user.

The cover can include a strap to receive the index and middle fingers of a user to secure the writing device to the user in the event the user lifts the device from the writing surface. The cover also can include a second strap to receive the thumb of a user or the index and middle fingers of the opposite dominant hand of a different user to this same end.

The cover can be releasably secured on the hand-receiving body by an elastic band, drawstring and the like received in a recess such as a peripheral undercut, groove or the like on the body disposed above the base so that the base remains exposed for sliding on a writing surface.

wanchik writing aid

These and other features and advantages of the present invention will be set forth in the following detailed description taken with the following drawings. The hand-receiving body 12 preferably includes a flat, smooth base 12 b adapted to easily slide on a writing surface such as a sheet of paper or a writing table surface without need for one or more wheels, rollers, balls, and the like thereon, although these may optionally be included on the base in practice of the invention to facilitate moving of the body.

wanchik writing aid

The body 12 can be made of light-weight plastic or any other suitable material as a one piece body or multiple pieces joined together. If injection molded, the body 12 may have a parting line L from the molding operation.

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The hand-receiving body 12 includes one or more inclined, elongated channels 12 c for receiving a writing instrument, such as a pen or pencil. For purposes of illustration and not limitation, FIGS. Each channel 12 c has a partial cylindrical concave contour to receive a writing instrument WI such as conventional pen or pencil, FIG.

Each channel 12 c is inclined at an angle of about 40 to about 70 degrees relative to the base 12 b in order to orient the instrument writing in a customary orientation. Each channel 12 c is disposed on the body 12 such that the thumb and index finger of the user's right hand or left hand, as the case may be, lie on opposite sides of the respective channel 12 c during writing, FIG.

The invention is not limited to first and second channels 12 c and can be practiced with only one channel 12 c on the body The channel s 12 c can be formed on the body 12 by molding e. Each channel 12 c has disposed therein a securing element 14 to releasably secure the writing instrument WI in each channel at an inclined angle so that the working end WE of the writing instrument will contact a writing surface, such as a sheet of paper when the writing assist device is slid thereon.

The end 16 a of each spring can be affixed to the side 12 s by adhesive, such as epoxy, mechanical fastener such as a screw, or any other appropriate fastening technique including a snap-fit connection or a slot-fit connection where end 16 a is snap-fit or adhered in a slot not shown provided in the channel side 12 s.

The securing element is not limited to the U-shaped spring shown as other securing or clamping elements can be used. For example, a roller catch not shown like that of a cabinet door can be fastened in each channel 12 c to this end.

Typing splint, who manufactures these?

A friction-promoting element 18 preferably is disposed across from each securing element 14 in each channel 12 c. The hand-receiving body 12 includes an undercut recess 12 r above and proximate the base 12 b around the periphery of the body.

The undercut recess forms a downwardly facing shoulder 12 d on the body 12 that is used to secure an optional removable, stretchable cover 22 on the body The Orthocare Wanchik's Writer ##2 is a pen or pencil holder, or orthotic writing aid, that provides wrist support on the dorsal (top) surface of the forearm, wrist and hand, and full support of the index finger in a flexed writing position.

Wanchik writing pen holder holds pen for writing." "Risultati immagini per adaptive writing tools" "Writing And Readings Aids encompass a vast variety of assistive devices for people needing low vision support, dexterity and strength improvement, or communication interfaces between keyboards and user." "A positioning aid provides shoulder.

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If you would like to register, please email 2 preferred usernames to [email protected] You will be registered and sent instructions. Similar to the Wanchik Writer, but with additional wrist support, the Wanchik Writer 2 enables you to hold the pen, whilst writing, without any effort and is comfortable and easy to use.

No matter how reduced your mobility within your wrist or fingers, the Wanchik Writer 2 allows for proper pen/pencil positioning and requires only slight.

The Wanchik's Writer No. 2 is a writing splint and wrist support for people unable to grip. The flexible metal writing aid holds a pen or pencil for writing and provides wrist support.

The plastic covered aluminum orthosis can be easily bent for a custom fit.1/5(1).

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