The more you read the more

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The more you read the more

Therefore, you just have to concentrate your attention on the game, and you will be able to spot many useful hints. Obviously, there are no guarantees that player is bluffing or not based just on his actions. However, if you take your time to notice and remember most obvious tells, you can have an even bigger edge over your competition.

Online and live poker tells are a bit different and for obvious reasons, you have much more to consider while playing live because you see your opponent, what he does, how he reacts and much more. But even if you are playing online, building the basic understanding of poker tells can help you make right decisions.

So let us cover it firstly. Online poker tells As we said, you have way less option to read your opponent online compared to live games.

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However, some of the ways are very powerful and can give you a lot of information. Most importantly an accurate one. Bet sizing It is by far the most important, yet, probably the hardest thing to understand and master. You can even find advanced courses developed on the subject and learning these concepts can help you build optimal bet sizing strategy.

Sadly, there is no rule, which could be applied in every situation and give you guaranteed results. However, few things stand out. There are many spots in which your opponent would never play value hand with a particular sizing.

For example, if your opponent decides to overbet shove huge on dry boards, he is unlikely to be bluffing. Probably most players understand that in this case, your range is polarized and you have either a very weak or a very strong hand. If you have a poor holding, you will be letting it go no matter how much he bets.

Therefore, if his goal is to make you fold, he will never risk his entire stack to do that. However, if you have a strong hand you are likely to bluff catch him, and he could be trying to get maximum value by betting big.

So if your opponent bets huge on a dry board, he is more likely to have made hand than a bluff, and you should consider folding unless you can beat some of his value hands, which he could play this way.

Second thing, which you want to remember is that people are unlikely to bluff with a tiny sizing. Most of the time, when you are facing a small bet, it will be for value. Therefore, if you do not have anything, folding is a reasonable option.

However, you need to take into consideration, that some good regulars use these sizings as a bluff, just because they know you will not think they are.

Well, it is tough to read professional players and let us not move in these leveling games. In some rare cases, players can play contrary to this, so it is better to get more info on your opponent before judging your decisions just on bet sizing.

That being said, it is by far the most important concept, which you can learn to identify the strength of your opponent hand. Time to make a decision Timing is another crucial part of the information, which you can use to your advantage.

The more you read the more

Many players take this lightly and leave a lot of valuable information on the table. Just think about your play in general before going even deeper. Do you act at once when you have a strong hand? Unlikely, so most of your opponents will not do that as well. Therefore, one of the classic poker tells is that if your opponent acts fast, he likely has a weak hand or a draw.First look images from Liam Neeson’s Cold Pursuit!.

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