The creative writing finding happiness

Copied link to article! How do you take a nebulous idea and turn it into something real?

The creative writing finding happiness

When I get nervous I walk fast. Lets give our feelings some character, maybe we will be able to understand them more. Happiness is a creative genius, who comes and goes as she pleases.

Maybe relying on happiness to show up and give you something everyday is a mistake. That way when we see her next, she can stick around a little longer. Happiness likes to be appreciated, and when she gets taken for granted, she leaves.

So, we learn her first. We learn to understand WHY she leaves in the first place. See the thing with pain and hurt is that they will forever be around your life, like that annoying next door neighbor- always close by.

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When you walk outside in the mornings, they are out there watering the flowers or something. Its really your choice if you walk away and ignore them, they will still be there when you get home OR you can talk to them, reassure them that the flowers will still be there in the morning, and they will go back inside for awhile.

What you choose to do with your pain and hurt really sets a bar for happiness.

The creative writing finding happiness

You got to find the people who are drowning in your same waters. Those are the people who will love you back to life.

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Weakness and sadness are like an invisibility cloak, sometimes we are lost unable to untangle ourselves from it. But, there are people in this world who always have happiness with them.

They have probably made her leave more than a few hundred times, BUT they have learned how to keep her around. They are in love with her. They cherish her, and they would do anything for her. By understanding that happiness is a gift, wrapped in an invisibility cloak, you will be able to find her one day just by simply reassuring your other feelings.

By standing still and feeling things, happiness will come to you, because she understands what its like to be invisible. She will come to you and reach her hand out to you, you just need to unwrap the gift she is, and cherish her. Happiness will stick around.Start Writing Writing a novel tips Writer Tips Writing E-Books Creative Writing Tips Memoir Writing Writing notebook Writing ideas Fiction Writing Forward A peek inside what one writer learned about writing a book when she started to tell her story.

Written by Bryan Cohen Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. Her current project, Wearing Wellbeing, is forged at the intersection of her interests in design and psychology, and creates conversations around dressing and happiness.


I meet Rebecca at her home in Forest Hill, a leafy area of south London with a distinctly suburban feel. The poem I FIND MY HAPPINESS IN LOVING YOU by Nicholas Gordon is a love poem. The poet explicitly mediates that he finds happiness and pleasure in loving his dearest one.

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Further, the stanza has been explicated considering its core theme and meaning below. Expressive writing — and to a lesser degree, creative writing — could be the difference between a stressful you and a blissful you.

Fortunately, expressive writing is easy enough for anyone to get into: all you need is a journal and a pen. You tend to work collaboratively quite a bit, often with creative collectives like F.A.T.

Lab and Deep Lab. How has bringing groups of people together influenced your practice?

The creative writing finding happiness

I like working with people who have differing ideas, and who you don’t always agree with.

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