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It may contain some typos. First I noticed that the park was in absolutely immaculate condition, in better shape than ever in my lifetime, going back to my s school days. The Bethesda Terrace beside the lake and the adjoining Great Mall with its once-decrepitating Naumberg bandshell were all fixed up.

Neo tech essay

Support Aeon Donate now Close your eyes, and envision a glowing crystal suspended in infinite space. Now breathe in slowly, counting backwards from Neo tech essay Energy pulses along the interstices of the crystal.

Exhale, and imagine a second crystal, precisely like the first — then a dozen, a hundred,crystals multiplying into an infinite void. Anddream catchers. And semiprecious stones inscribed with chakras. Now Neo tech essay your eyes and imagine how much they all cost.

The New Age is a powerful mixture of mass-market mysticism and idealistic yearning. New Age is not so much a discrete collection of beliefs as it is a Venn diagram or a mandala, if you like of intersecting interests, objectives and motifs.

The term contains multitudes. Arguably, the aspect of New Age that is easiest to pin down is also the most superficial: The term conjures visions of chakra charts, indigo auras, psychedelic paintings of bodies radiating energy, crystals, candles, ambient music and dream catchers.

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The aesthetic is one of unabashed pastiche. So, too, are the beliefs undergirding it. Even scholars who have spent years studying the New Age movement disagree about what precisely it is.

I would argue that if there is one thread that binds together the various New Age movements, it is that they represent a resurgence of magical beliefs in a modern world supposedly stripped of them. In his now-classic book Religion and the Decline of Magicthe Oxford University historian Keith Thomas framed religion and magic as antagonistic social forces.

In his view, when early modern Protestant and Catholic religious leaders persecuted witches, they were effectively trying to eliminate their competition as explainers of the unexplainable. In this, they largely succeeded.

But what if Weber and Thomas were wrong? Ironically, at precisely the time when Thomas was anatomising the death of magic in the s, bohemian mystics in places such as California and London were reviving it.

Meanwhile, formal religious affiliation is on the decline in the Western world, but this rejection of traditional organised religion does not imply a rejection of spirituality.

Instead, it has created a vacuum in which the eclecticism and vagueness of the New Age movement emerge as strengths rather than weaknesses. Which begs the question: He stands in a circle alongside a dreadlocked youth with a guitar and an older woman leaning on a wooden staff.

At the center of the circle, a regal, snowy-haired environmental activist and former biker named Arthur Uther Pendragon anoints a kneeling man wearing face paint. The members of the circle welcome the newest druid of The robed crowds that gravitate to Stonehenge on important dates in the lunar calendar see themselves as upholding ancient, pre-Christian rites.

After stints in the British Army and as the leader of an outlaw biker gang known as the Gravediggers, he experienced a spiritual awakening in the early s and changed his name by deed poll in Pendragon began to regard himself as the reincarnation of King Arthur, even going so far as to buy the sword used as a prop in the film Excalibur Considering his rakish, outlaw-biker-turned-legendary-king persona, Pendragon was remarkably easy to track down, and he proved to be both personable and generous with his time — not for nothing is he planning another run for the UK Parliament.

Neo tech essay

By seeking to restore traditional customs that industrialisation had cast into shadow, nationalist writers and thinkers in the 19th and 20th centuries actually helped invent new ones. Yet perhaps those who would dismiss such re-enactments for their scholarly inaccuracy are missing the point.

Perhaps the value of these claims to unbroken tradition lies not in their factual accuracy, but in their ability to instill a sense of empathy with the deep past. Their leader Henry initially approaches the task as an anthropological challenge, a matter of systematically reconstructing ritual and gesture.

In the end, Henry recalls: These were the forgotten peoples who had been conquered and subsumed by the Indo-European tribes that would become the Celts, the Germans, the Greeks and Romans, and the Persians.

The Indo-Europeans tended to place male deities at the summit of their pantheon, often lightning-wielding sky gods such as Thor or Zeus.

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Yet Gimbutas conjectured that the Old Europeans were of the culture of the Mother Goddess, the upholders of a tradition that stretches back to the very earliest known sculptures made by human beings: Building on the work of Gimbutas, some have argued that traces of this age-old religious tradition have survived to the present.

Among academic historians, the fiercest debates over the survival of prehistoric matriarchal traditions in Europe have been waged over the question of the early modern witchcraft trials.

Despite attempts to link the historical witch craze of the 16th and 17th centuries to the survival of ancient pre-Christian pagan practices, most historians of witchcraft and magic remain unconvinced.

Yet even if we keep our minds open to the possibility that some fragments of ancient pagan practice can be recreated or survive through the millennia, in other respects the New Age movement is actually a product of the Enlightenment.

But tracing that link takes us into shadowy territory: The figures involved in the creation of a more formalised New Age movement — people such as Aleister Crowley, Madame Blavatsky and George Gurdjieff — rarely saw eye to eye.Besides, if you argue that Wallace's writings are the only source of the Neo-Tech philosophy, then I can also argue that the critical pages scattered all over the web are the only source for Neo-Tech criticisms, and in view of the NPOV policy, both kinds of sources are admissible.

Kevin MacDonald is Professor of Psychology, California State University (Long Beach), and the author of A People That Shall Dwell Alone (), Separation and Its Discontents (), and The Culture of Critique (), all published by Praeger.

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EVOLUTION TRENDS The "INFORMATION AGE" & its Evolution into the "Holographic Age" Challenges & Realistic Goals For Survival & Creating A Desirable Future.

Neo tech essay

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