Mum dad in chinese writing and meanings

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Mum dad in chinese writing and meanings

She reflects your ability to make decisions that will effect you in the future or how well you make choices based on gut instincts. She also reflects how lucky you feel about coincidences or good foresight.

Anything your mother says in a dream sheds light on what your sense of intuition is guiding you towards in life, or how you feel about your future.

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If your mother is deceased in real life the symbolism for her appearing in your dream most likely still remains as intuition. Dead relatives in dreams often have the same symbolic value whether the person is alive or dead.

If your mother is recently deceased or you have been spending a lot of time remembering her than the her appearance in your dream may be reflecting how much you miss her.

If your mother gives you advice in a dream, it may reflect your sense of intuition that is feeling that a certain choice is best for the future.

mum dad in chinese writing and meanings

If your mother is very angry in a dream, it represents your negative feelings about disappointments or bad luck. In this case you feel like you can't catch a break, or bad luck seems to just keep coming towards you as your choices never seem to help you.

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You may regret a choice you bad. If you frustrated with your mother in a dream for making bad choices it may represent frustration or jealousy of all your own choices not being good ones.

Lying to yourself or avoiding dealing with a problem. Pregnant women may dream of being frustrated with their mothers if they are gaining significant amounts of weight and not choosing appropriate clothing. If your mother is evil looking in a dream it represents your sense of intuition being negative and making negative choices.

Bad intentions for the future. It may also reflect feelings that nothing you choose ever works out or that you are consumed by fear or bad luck.

If you mother is happy in a dream it represents a positive outlook on the future or feeling luckier. You may feel like you avoided something bad or used really good foresight.

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If you mother is pregnant in a dream it represents your choices for the future or luck that is working towards something. A new experience, new idea, or a new way of living is about emerge in your life. To dream of murdering your mother represents feelings about hurting your future or terminating opportunities.

Killing your mother may also reflect feelings about choice or plans you regret and now you feel you have to put an end to it. If your mother dies in a dream it represents feelings of having lost your sense of intuition or consistently making bad choices.

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mum dad in chinese writing and meanings

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CHINESE SYMBOL For Mum - All About The Chinese Symbol Mum