It255 final study guide

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It255 final study guide

The native VLAN traffic will be untagged across the trunk link. This VLAN is necessary for remote management of a switch. High priority traffic, such as voice traffic, uses the native VLAN.

The native VLAN provides a common identifier to both ends of a trunk. The security of management frames that are carried in the native VLAN can be enhanced. A network contains multiple VLANs spanning multiple switches. All devices in all VLANs see the frame.

It255 final study guide

Only devices in VLAN 20 see the frame. Only devices that are connected to the local switch see the frame. Refer to the exhibit. The partial configuration that is shown was used to configure router on a stick for VLANS 10, 30, and However, testing shows that there are some connectivity problems between the VLANs.

Which configuration error is causing this problem? What is the purpose of an access list that is created as part of configuring IP address translation?

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The access list defines the private IP addresses that are to be translated. The access list prevents external devices from being a part of the address translation. The access list permits or denies specific addresses from entering the device doing the translation.

Which command will create a static route on R2 in order to reach PC B? Fill in the blank. Match the order in which the link-state routing process occurs on a router.

Not all options are used. How many broadcast and collision domains exist in the topology?If there is new information about the exam, you will receive an email about the newest information about the 3M - 3Com WAN Specialist Final Exam v Latest Study Guide Free learning dumps.

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However, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to study for every subject we need to study M. Aug 26,  · I am filling out my study guide for my final exam in my “Intro to networking” class at ITT tech, I have a few problems that I am having a hard time answers because Resolved.

1. Given the IP address of with a mask of How many total subnets could be created?

It255 final study guide

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