Healthcare terms

Medical Dictionary of Health Terms:

Healthcare terms

In healthcare - the opportunity or right to receive healthcare. A seal of approval given by a governing body to a senior housing or service provider.

Healthcare terms

To be accredited, the provider must meet requirements set by the accreditation body and must undergo a thorough evaluation to ensure that it meets certain standards of quality.

Planned activities to emphasize: Intended to promote independence through physical and mental activity. Rules defined Title Things we normally do in daily living including any daily activity we perform for self-care such as feeding ourselves, bathing, dressing, groomingwork, homemaking, and leisure.

A short-term medical treatment, usually in a hospital, for patients having an acute illness or injury or recovering from surgery. Acceptance by a hospital or other healthcare facility of a patient who is to be provided with room, board, and continuous nursing service in an area of the hospital or facility where patients generally reside at least overnight.

The office and personnel involved in the medical review of clinical and financial information facilitating transfers for residents to skilled nursing facilities. The doctor responsible for admitting a patient to a hospital or other inpatient health facility.

Adult Day Health Care: Daily structured programs in a community setting with activities and health-related and rehabilitation services for seniors who are physically or emotionally disabled and need a protective environment. This care is provided during the day, and the senior receiving the care returns home in the evening.

Two kinds of legal documents, living wills and medical powers of attorney. These documents allow a person to give instructions about future medical care should he or she be unable to participate in medical decisions due to serious illness or incapacity.

Each state regulates the use of advance directives differently. Independent, affordable apartment living for older adults with limited incomes. Rental assistance is offered through the U. A term used with a patient who checks himself out of a hospital or a healthcare facility against the advice of his doctor.

As the campaign promotes, "aging is an active verb"; used to describe the process everyone experiences, not as a label placed on old and frail individuals.


Able to walk about, not bed-ridden or chair-bound. Medical care including diagnosis, observation, treatment and rehabilitation that is provided on an outpatient basis. The name given to professional services such as laboratory tests and radiology exams. An evaluation of the health status of an individual by performing a physical examination after obtaining a health history.

Various laboratory tests may also be ordered to confirm a clinical impression or to screen for dysfunction. The patient or guardian signs the Assignment of Benefits form so that the physician or medical provider will receive the insurance payment directly.

A living arrangement which provides older adults with support for everyday living tasks and healthcare needs, as well as dining, medication management, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, exercise and social programs.

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If a physician wants to perform a surgery, order a medical supply, or refer the patient to a specialist an authorization and approval by the health plan is required. A method used by the insurance company to reduce payment on a claim when the patient or medical provider does not fulfill the rules of the health plan.HCAHPS - Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems HCEARA - Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of HCPCS - .

Healthcare terminology can be complex, to say the least. I learned this lesson time and time again while working as a hospital unit coordinator, a women’s clinic assistant, and a medical biller.

Healthcare terms

For the last 10 years, however, I’ve been in the healthcare IT side of the business, which gave me. Common Healthcare Terms Below are listed some definitions and explanations of important concepts and insurance terms. If you need further explanation, call the insurance office at Subscribe to get email (or text) updates with important deadline reminders, useful tips, and other information about your health insurance.

Your information contains error(s): Please choose a state. Eskaton Senior Care, Glossary of Health Care Terms.

This glossary of terms and definitions is intended to be a resource to help you better understand many commonly used terms in the medical field. Healthcare Terms It may not surprise you, but many people struggle to understand their health coverage plans.

Below is a quick overview of some of the health coverage terms you may come across when reviewing your child’s Kid Care CHIP plan.

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