Food shortage essay

Food Food is the foundation of human live and people cannot survive without it. Food security is a vital issue facing the governments around the world. However, food shortage is becoming increasingly severe in this day and age. There are several reasons which led to the universal food shortage and they are interconnected to each other.

Food shortage essay

The closing of the essay should be with the suggestions and solutions to overcome this problem. Essay on Problem of Food Shortage with Outline for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Introduction Food shortage problem in developing countries What are the Causes of the problem of food shortage Problems with our agriculture How to overcome this problem How to update of agriculture system Solutions and Suggestions Food is the essential thing which every one of us requires to keep himself alive.

It is the basic need of every individual and every country. If we do not get food for a few days, we are likely to die. Unfortunately, food shortage is a great problem in the world. There are many countries in the world where self-sufficiency in food is not present.

Pakistan is one of those countries. We have to import wheat and other foodstuffs from other countries. However, we do not suffer from the shortage of food.

Our government is alive on this issue They arrange sufficient quantity of food for its people. There are many countries in the world which are hit by starvation and famine.

The developing countries of Asia and Africa are facing this problem.

Food shortage essay

The reasons for food shortage are many and some of them are as under: There are more mouths to feed than the food which is available. The result is hunger and starvation. The most densely populated countries of the world have to face hunger and starvation Secondly, The shortage of food occurs due to low productivity of certain crops.

Wheat is the basic foodstuff in Pakistan, we have not attained self-sufficiency in it. The following factors are responsible for it. It has never been overhauled to meet the modern needs of agriculture. They fight shy of using modern methods of cultivation.

They keep themselves aloof from the use of tractors and tube wells. The goal of attaining self-sufficiency in food is certainly attainable. It is no doubt a difficult problem. But its challenge must be accepted. There are two typeset measures or means which can be adapted to increase agricultural output.

The short-term measures are the following. We should educate our farmers and convince them to increase the yield of their fields. We should give them loans on easy terms. They should be enabled to buy the better seeds and good quality of manure.

We must educate them to use insecticides when their crops are attacked by diseases. Long-term measures include the following. We must have land reforms. The poor farmers and agricultural labourers must be given some piece of land for cultivation.

If a poor person is made the owner of a piece of land he, will get an incentive to work hard at it. The government should use their knowledge and experience to control floods.

The farmers must be provided modern implements of agriculture like tractors harvesters and threshers in easy instalments. If we adopt these measures, we can overcome the shortage of food in our country.Jun 21,  · World Food Crisis Essay Posted on June 21, by EssayShark Creating a decent paper on world problems is a challenging task on its own, and it becomes even more challenging when you are confined in the form of a short essay.

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Join now become part . Essay on Food as a Control Mechanism in Handmaid's Tale - Food as a Control Mechanism in Handmaid's Tale Food traditionally represents comfort, security, and family. We recall the traditional concept of comfort food and the large family dinners in Norman Rockwell's piece Freedom from Want.

- Food shortage is a global problem and tragedy of. The global food crisis is unacceptable because it is caused by a number of easily solvable problems. The ever rising price of oil is one of the main contributors to the price increase in food production.

This essay includes Introduction, Production and Wastage, Pests, Distribution, Calamities, Effects of food wastage, population and conclusion and My message.

Introduction. thus resulting in food shortages. This mainly occurs in warmer regions of the world. Distribution. > World Food Crisis: Is the world short of food, or short of “markets”? World Food Crisis: Is the world short of food, or short of “markets”? Write an essay (with introduction and conclusion) answering the question.

Support your ideas with relevant arguments and examples. List sources in the references.

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