Business intelligence software at sysco case

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Business intelligence software at sysco case

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Business intelligence software at sysco case

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Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO

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Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO. Jason C. H. Click to edit Master subtitle style Chen, Ph.D. Professor of MIS School of Business Administration Gonzaga University Spokane, WA [email protected] Description: The large food service company SYSCO has decided to purchase business intelligence (BI) software, a technology intended to provide superior monitoring and analysis capabilities.

Twila Day, assistant vice president of technology and applications, is in charge of the BI project and must determine exactly how much software to buy.5/5(4).

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To tackle this, Sysco has already adopted an ERP system and a data warehouse, and is deciding to invest in a Business Intelligence (BI) system. Issues & Problems 1. Utilization: Massive amount of data in the data warehouse are stored, but cannot be analyzed.

Being the largest food distributor in North America, SYSCO was faced with an consequential decision, whether or not to upgrade it's current IT software and adopt a complete Business Intelligence software .

SYSCO Implementing DW and BI McAfee and Wagonfeld () generated a case study about SYSCO, investigating the potential adoption by SYSCO of “Business Objects,” business intelligence software and how SYSCO might implement and use business intelligence software.

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