Battleship arizona finally sees the light of day

Thursday, October 31, Rise! Or America Will Soon Disappear A few things seemed off that day during my first visit to the U.

Battleship arizona finally sees the light of day

Everything in ghostly shades of gray. Modern day warships of the American Navy sit at anchor. The few crewmen on their decks go about a quite Sunday morning routine. Navy launch glides past the anchored ships on its way toward far side of the harbor.

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The Memorial where the sunken remains of battleship Arizona lays at permanent rest is in the distance. At stern of the launch, coxswain mans rudder, and a young Ensign stands firmly in command. Beside him, on the bench, lays a wreath. A boatswain is at the bow, ready with the mooring line. Sherman looks past him toward "Arizona Memorial" looming in distance.

Launch passes a visiting Japanese warship. Misery and death of the most horrific sort were everywhere, and the prospects for the future were dark and uncertain.

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The oceans had turned to fire, fed by the oil of countless sinking ships, whole cities were in ruin, and the land was littered with the dead and soon to be dead. Innocent women and children cried out for mercy. But there was none to be had. It was the bleakest of times imaginable - a time when horrors beyond imagination where inflicted by man - against man.

What forces remained to battle against this darkness stood on the verge of total collapse. It can be said without the least exaggeration that the light of the human spirit was on the precipice of extinction.

Separated from these events by two vast oceans, a nation and its people believed themselves secure from this world gone mad. As such, they allowed themselves to be blind to the darkness that was clearly visible, and they stood idly by from the horrors and atrocities.

But to say it was the work of the devil is to say there is a God. Yet in spite of the evil onslaught, God was nowhere to be found. Opposing the apathy were certain people in government who believed in their hearts there were no oceans and no world big enough that could secure their nation against those who wielded such evil power.

In time, they knew, their nation, too, would fall victim to the despots, and the world would be plunged into a dark age like none before and from which there could be no hope of return. They also knew that such was the state of development by these madmen of new and horrific weapons, the likes of which were previously beyond imagination, that little time was left before the fate of the world might be eternally sealed into a coffin of ashes.

So, over the wishes of their own people, and the will of their own government, and the laws of their land, and even against morality and honor itself, these people secretly strived to mobilize the country in the only way they believed possible.

In those days, what was done seemed so certain of purpose and necessity.Embarking homeward-bound veterans in the precursor of a "Magic Carpet" operation of a later war, ARIZONA sailed from Brest for New York on 14 December , and arrived off Ambrose Light on the afternoon of Christmas Day The USS Arizona Memorial, at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii, marks the resting place of 1, of the 1, sailors and Marines killed on USS Arizona during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, and commemorates the Location: Pearl Harbor.

Nov 16,  · Belated Battleships 2: the battleshippening (kancolle) Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by theJMPer, Sep 7, “Shimakaze,” Arizona finally interjected with a hard tone.

Battleship arizona finally sees the light of day

This was difficult enough. If someone had told him when Battleship Arizona had appeared that he would one day see the sight before him, he'd have told.

The Arizona was one of a series of three unique ships built specifically to search deep space for a new planet that mankind could migrate to. It was built at one of the EDF's major shipyards in North America.

the battleship arizona memorial - day - the year As sailors tie the launch to the dock the Ensign goes to help Sherman to his feet.

For a moment, Sherman thinks the Ensign someone he knew long ago. Operated by the National Park Service, the USS Arizona Memorial serves as a reminder of the tragic events of December 7, , and of the proud battleship that rests beneath the waters of Pearl.

Battleship arizona finally sees the light of day