Anatomy of a corporate campaign rainforest action network and citigroup a

Not known Repressive Violence: While there were arrests, charges were either dropped or community service and fines were enforced. There were never injuries to protestors.

Anatomy of a corporate campaign rainforest action network and citigroup a

It is the latest in a string of challenges to TXU expansion plans by environmental, community and business groups concerned that the pulverized coal plants will dirty Texas' air and spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

According to RAN, the plants will produce 78 million tons of new carbon dioxide emissions per year, greater than the greenhouse-gas emissions of 21 US states or the entire emissions reduction commitment of Japan under the Kyoto Protocol.

Scientists believe that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases cause global warming.

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But TXU defended its program, arguing that Texas needs new power plants to meet rising electricity demand and that the new plants will be built with the latest environmental controls.

Some loan commitments allow banks to provide financing only if they can find other banks and institutions to share the risk of the loans, while others require the banks to shoulder the load themselves if they cannot find partners.

It was not immediately clear under what terms the banks have agreed to provide financing to TXU. Citigroup and Merrill Lynch declined to comment. Morgan Stanley also had no comment on the TXU financing, but a spokesman said the bank was currently revising its environmental policy.

The Texas plants are part of a growth strategy that could make TXU the biggest single corporate greenhouse gas emitter in the United States.

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These new power plants would emit a whopping 78 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, and they have a projected lifespan of up to 50 years. With the help of Wall Street bankers, this global warming crime could happen sooner than you think!

We're following the money. Merrill Lynch is one of the banks helping TXU underwrite this dirty deal. We need you to call and tell them to stop helping TXU destroy our climate.

Make your phone call now! Texas is already the country's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. TXU's proposed new power plants would: Furthermore, these plants will cause environmental health problems relating to air and water quality and mercury emissions, threatening nearby communities that include Dallas-Fort Worth and Waco.

TXU would like to ignore the consequences of its greenhouse gas pollution, taking advantage of the fact that carbon emissions are unregulated - for now.

TXU is awaiting state approval to begin construction, but with help from Texas Governor Rick Perry, who granted a "fast-track" approval process for his political donors at TXU, the company could have permits by April We are reaching out to those same banks and telling them to stay away from TXU's project.

We need your help. Please call Merrill Lynch and tell them to stop helping TXU finance its dirty coal power projects and instead adopt climate-friendly environmental and social policies.

Anatomy of a corporate campaign rainforest action network and citigroup a

Greens A plan to open the Superior National Forest to copper mining promises good jobs and threatens enviro troubles by Mike Mosedale http: For the Iron Range town of Hoyt Lakes, which was left reeling by the loss of some 1, jobs in the wake of the bankruptcy of the LTV Steel Company plant six years ago, the potential economic benefits are tantalizing.

PolyMet says it will employ up to full-time workers for at least the next 20 years and possibly twice as long.

Then there are the approximately one million man hours of construction work needed to rehab the old LTV facility, where PolyMet plans to process the ore it extracts from a mine in the Superior National Forest six miles away.

That project, Hudelson says, would provide temporary work for up to 1, skilled laborers. Finally, Hudelson points to a study from the University of Minnesota Duluth that estimated PolyMet's venture would yield an additional spin-off jobs, mainly in the service sector.

Given such rosy prognostications, it's no surprise that Iron Range politicians and business folk alike have touted the PolyMet proposal as an important boost to the region's fortunes. The proposal has garnered the enthusiastic support of Iron Range Resources, a state-run economic development agency.Next Steps for Anatomy of a Corporate Campaign: Rainforest Action Network and Citigroup (B) case study memo Clearly specify the roadmap of the execution.

Provide specific date and action that are required to carry on the next steps.

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Study 83 G final flashcards from Seline O. on StudyBlue. Jun 01,  · Sean McCarthy Citigroup Report MGMT Citi Group History In the largest bank in New your city was going to go out of business until a group of merchants stepped in and took the opportunity to established, at the time City Bank, Citigroup on June 16, One of its earliest noteworthy achievements was financing the arms needed for the war of Cases on Citigroup, Google, Exclusive Resorts, the Rainforest Action Network, McDonald’s, Merck, Pfizer, Enron Power Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline, UPS, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Japan Post, as well as on industry-wide issues including CAFE standards, fair trade, FCC regulation, personal injury litigation, and pharmaceutical responsibility are provided.

Anatomy Of A Corporate Campaign: Ran & Citigroup (A) Overview Citigroup, the world's largest project finance bank became the target of the Global Finance campaign of launched by . January Greenpeace Briefing: Assessment of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fisheries Certification Programme, Week 3: Jan 28, Social movements * Case: Anatomy of a corporate campaign: Rainforest Action Network and Citigroup (A, B) (Stanford P-­‐42A, P-­‐42B) Study questions: 1.

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