A life ruined by drugs

Rice and Palmer, admittedly had been drinking and got into an argument in the hotel. While in the hotel elevator Rice struck Palmer in the face, rendering her unconscious. Surveillance videos show Rice striking and dragging his unconscious girlfriend into the lobby.

A life ruined by drugs

Share Shares 1K Hysterical news stories already have a habit of spreading like a virus, but drug stories are some of the most pervasive. These legends take hold so quickly because they scare people and fear is infectious.

However, the truth behind many of these stories is much different from what you hear. The dangers of drugs can be explained without fabrication and honesty is always the best policy. Join us below as we debunk some of the crazier myths about illegal drugs.

According to reports, this drug is much more addictive than heroin and causes your flesh to literally rot off your skin, leading to your untimely demise. Some US news outlets have even claimed that this drug has shown up in the United States and the hysteria machine is now at full horsepower.

However, Krokodil is simply the street name for a drug that addicts are trying to make using codeine and household chemicals called desomorphine.

You see, heroin is illegal in Russia, but codeine is sold over the counter, making it very easy to obtain. But people are getting flesh rot, right? However, considering there is very little in the way of actual study done on the subject, it is hard to be certain that even that is truly the culprit.

You see, Russia actually has no official needle exchanges and diseases like AIDS are constantly spread through this method. The cause of the necrosis could also have something to do with all of the dirty needles.

It is also unlikely that the drug will become popular in the United States, as codeine is not available over the counter here and that convenience is the entire point of attempting desomorphine synthesis. While sometimes the results are instantaneous and other times you need to send the test back to a lab, you will soon have your answers.

Of course, if you are the prospective employee looking to prove your drug-free lifestyle, you can be guaranteed a clean slate. Many people are so convinced of the efficiency of modern drug tests that some US states have even passed laws requiring those receiving welfare benefits to take a drug test.

Unfortunately, it turns out that drug tests are often inaccurate. Researchers studying drug testing have found that results showed false positives as much as 10 percent of the timewith a similar number for false negatives.

A life ruined by drugs

Eating even a small amount of poppy seeds can trigger a false positive, but many doctors have no idea this is even possible. They found also that cold medicines, allergy medications, antidepressants, some antibiotics, and even an HIV medication can result in false positives for illegal drug abuse.

Psychonaught Many people are under the impression that the crack form of cocaine is much more dangerous than the powder variety. This myth likely got its start due to the draconian laws that made possessing crack much worse than possessing regular cocaine.

For a long time, the law operated under a ratio of Essentially, what this meant was that if you got caught with crack, you would be punished as if you had possessed times that amount in cocaine. You see, crack is actually not some ancient, evil substance that slithered up from the primordial depths to bring about the final downfall of humanity.

Even after a recent law to bring an end to unfair sentencing, crack is still legally considered almost 20 times as bad as cocaine. Upon arrival at their destination, these parents were met by law enforcement of some variety that decided to take a closer look at their baby.Since losing his father to murder, being accused of domestic abuse by an ex and losing his job as a successful hip-hop music executive, Mickey "Memphitz" Wright has been in a downward spiral, using drugs to cope with his pain.

Celebrities often seem like they have the world at their feet.

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Money, fame, talent and beauty are things many of us wish for, but becoming an international star also comes with its downsides. Facing Reality: When Drug Abuse is Ruining Your Life You've heard the expression, "It's time to face reality." Funny, though, how it's nearly impossible for you to own up to what you're doing to yourself, especially when it comes to drug abuse.

This list of 10 celebrities who have been ruined by drugs is a testament to the amount of damage drugs can do to one’s life and career. This Is Not a Drill: Rihanna’s Documentary Is Coming Out ‘Within Months’ According to Director;. Nov 29,  · Many people are under the impression that the crack form of cocaine is much more dangerous than the powder variety.

This myth likely got its start due to the draconian laws that made possessing crack much worse than possessing regular cocaine. A Princeton man’s life has been ruined by drugs. That’s according to Cody Wilson’s defense attorney, who negotiated a plea deal on three charges in Princeton court last Thursday which sent.

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